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Call for service 954.270.0693
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            If you own a home-based, small or medium-sized business that does not have a permanent IT support staff on-site, CIC Tech Support can help you. We provide PC repair and network troubleshooting services in Broward, Miami and Palm Beach. We provide IT service on premise or remote support assistance and will pick up and deliver any faulty gear for repair. We provide the following IT services and more, including tutoring:


  • Wi-Fi Network Setup: From configuring your network to installing a new Wi-Fi system, we can help you get connected to the Internet. All your devices will be set up on your business or home network and we also assist in securing your PCs and portable devices.
  • Data Recovery: Your files are critical to the day-to-day activities of your business and personal life. Losing this invaluable data can be devastating. Our data recovery service will make every attempt possible to restore your files to another PC, flash drive or external device/media.
  • PC Repair: Today’s computers are very advanced and sophisticated. They are reliable workhorses, but they do fail at times. When that happens, we will repair or replace the faulty item.
  • Virus & Malware Removal: Anti-virus software can protect your system against most Trojans and other malware, but when that fails, we can help you in restoring your PC to its pre-virus state and get it back online.
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades & Data Transfer: If you still operate legacy hardware or software, we can provide professional advice and steer you in the right direction to bring you up to speed so your business can perform efficiently. We will do the research for you in getting the appropriate gear and set it up when it arrives.  Software and data transfer to your new devices is available upon request.
  • System Performance Improvement: Sometimes PCs need fine tuning or a RAM upgrade to increase performance and work faster. With the proper maintenance, you can stretch the life cycle of your existing equipment and save money for other projects.
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